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Need A Custom Hose?

We Can Solve Your Hose Problems.

We have the most complete selection of hydraulic hoses and fittings in Oshkosh.

JIC, NPT, OFS, SAE, Kamutsu, Metric, Caterpillar Up to 2" hose 2 and 4 wire

We feature the BrakeQuip™ brand of brake hoses and fittings. These are DOT approved and pressue tested. We can custom make hoses or make those your parts stores dont stock, all while you wait!

Other Items: A/C, fuel, trans and oil cooler hoses and steel tubes.

Steel adapters: straight, 45*, 90*, tee, bulkhead, metric

Pressure Wash hose and fittings

Brass hose fittings, adapters and quick couplers for air hose and nylon tubing including DOT fittings for air brake applications

Air hose, hydraulic & pnuematic quick couplers, and NPT pipe fittings

Batter cable with ends crimped on

New Western snow plows

Snowplow parts and service for Western, Fisher, Hiniker, Snowdogg, Boss, Meyer and Blizzard

Replacement Hydraulic & Other Tubes for Farm & Construction Equipment

Can't find the right tube assembly or when you do, can't afford it? We build hydraulic tubes & tube / hoses assemblies for everything from restored to daily workhorse tractors, trucks and other equipment. If you don't see it listed call us and we can likely reproduce what you need.

    Some Examples include:
  • Part # 143116C1 & 143117C1 International 86 & 88 Series Cab Pillar Heater Tubes
  • Part # 361617R91 Farmall 300,350 Above Platform to Rear Remote
  • Part # 361468R91 Farmall 400,450 Above Platform to Rear Remote
  • Part # 374056R92 Farmall 460 Above Platform to Rear Remote
  • Part # 370846R93 Farmall 560 Above Platform to Rear Remote
  • Part# 370884R91 460 Power Supply Hose / Tube Assembly
  • Part# 370964R91 560 & 660 Power Supply Hose / Tube Assembly
  • Part # 379856R91 504 Power Supply Hose / Tube Assembly
  • Part # 381120R91 504 Pump Pressure to Valve
  • Part # 388408R91 Hydro 86 Hand Pump Left Tube / Hose Assembly
  • Part # 396398R1 06-56 Series P/S Tube to Bolster
  • Part # 401791R1, 402327R2 656 Supply to 3 Point Hitch Valve
  • Part 536976R1, 7R1, 8R1, 9R1 International 66 Series (766 - Up) Rear Remote Tubes (4)
  • Part # 84201016 MX 225 & others Magnum Medium frame (6.7L) Tractors engine drain tube made with longer tube that sticks out of frame. We also make an extension for existing drain tubes
  • Part # E4NNC937GB Ford TW 35, 8830 & Other Tractors Rear Remote Tube Supply with Swivel Fittings, Dual Remotes
  • Part # E4NNC937HB Ford TW 35, 8830 & Other Tractors Rear Remote Tube Supply with Swivel Fittings, Single Remote
  • AC WD45 Gas PS Hoses
  • Sterling Truck Power Steering tubes between steering gears.
  • Can make most fluid lines for equipment, fuel, coolant, AC, oil, etc.

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To get a quote for a custom hose, fitting or crimping, feel free to give us a call at (920) 231 - 0124 or fill out the email form!