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Arts Services

Art's Services, LLC was founded by Art Abraham in 1985. When Art graduated from high school he decided to work in an automotive shop and became interested in every facet of mechanical repairs of cars. Later he specialized in the repair of automatic transmissions. As the years progressed it became apparent that remaining in this ever changing field would require more training and equipment investment than was practical. After searching for a different direction for his business to go, Art settled on hose crimping, hydraulic and other fluid usage tube bending. One feature of this business is creating hoses and tubes for a unique application. In addition, many older tractors and construction equipment manufacturers no longer offer hose /tubes for their equipment. Art's capable crew can duplicate many of these hard to find assemblies to keep this older yet reliable equipment making money for their owners.The business then expended to include the sale of Western snow plows due to the fact that many hose customers used snowplows as well.

Today, Art's focuses on providing customers with replacement hoses, tubes, hose/tube assemblies for applications ranging from construction, agriculture, production machines, to fluid lines on cars to earthmovers. In the fall/winter months snow plow sales and service are also offered.